Monday on Lubbock's First News, Congressman Randy Neugebauer spoke about Ukraine, .

Neugebauer talked some about the recent events in Ukraine. He hopes that since the administration has stepped down, there will be an opportunity for Ukraine to reform their government and work toward a more democratic process. He believes it is time for the "free nations to step in and help them through this transition period and hopefully keep the Russians from getting too involved." He said, "I never trust Putin on anything. I still think he's a communist."

Neugebauer also discussed House Bill 2847. He said, "It's a requirement for financial institutions to record transactions of people working abroad" and expects issues to be discussed in upcoming tax reform proposals. Finally, Neugebauer touched on unemployment. He hopes to focus on creating more jobs, rather than getting money for those without one. For more details, listen to the interview below.

Listen to the full interview: