Lubbock’s congressman criticizes the current renewable fuel standards imposed by the federal government.

In his weekly roundup, District 19 U.S. Representative Randy Neugebauer discussed the impact of the drought on corn producers in the United States, and the amount of corn that must be used in ethanol production.

Neugebauer has joined other congressmen in requesting that the Environmental Protection Agency adjust the Renewable Fuel Standard, which currently mandates that 36 billion gallons of the country’s fuel supply come from renewable fuels, and most of that is corn-based ethanol.

“This drought is not just hurting livestock producers – corn producers in the Midwest are struggling through some of the worst conditions in 50 years,” said Neugebauer.

“Less than a third of the U.S. corn crop is listed as being in good or excellent condition, so we are expecting very low yields for the fall harvest this year.”

Around 40 percent of the U.S. corn crop was used for ethanol production this year.

Neugebauer also praised the Agricultural Disaster Assistance Act, which will provide relief for producers currently dealing with dry weather. The congressman continued saying that the bill is “good policy given our current situation, but it is not a five-year farm bill, which remains critical for our farmers and ranchers.”