It's something we can all talk about and we have all experienced it. Awful drivers. I don't know if Lubbock has the worst drivers in Texas, but we have got to be up there on the list.

This morning on the show we brought up pet peeves when it comes to drivers here in Lubbock. We only spent a few minutes on the topic and received a ton of feedback. That leads me to believe that many of our citizens need to vent about bad drivers, or just tell a story.

The biggest pet peeve I have are the drivers who stop in protected lanes. My soon to be wife tells me that this is where I get the most agitated at drivers. There are two locations that are the worst in my experience. First, is turning onto the access road for the loop from Quaker in front of Doc's and next to Wal-Mart. You know the location. Protected lane and people still stop and refuse to go until no car is in sight. This only causes traffic to back up and annoy just about everyone in line. I see it everyday over and over again. The second location is when you are turning north bound onto Slide from the loop. Right in front of Rockfish is the protected lane and it stretches out for a while.

Folks, it's a protected lane. That means you can drive. You probably won't be hit either since on-coming traffic would have to go through concrete and traffic light pole to hit you. Drive!

I could go into more pet peeves, but I don't want to have all the fun here. One story I keep going back to when discussing awful Lubbock drivers is when TxDOT put out information to our city on how to merge. See, even the state knows our divers aren't the best.

We all have our pet peeves when it comes to Lubbock drivers. What are yours?