The Lubbock City Council will meet tonight at 6:15 at Lubbock City Hall. Here are just a few things of interest to be on the lookout for.

Cole Shooter,

Who is Running the Meeting?

Mayor Glen Robertson said on Tuesday that he will attempt to be at tonight's council meeting. Tonight's meeting comes just a couple of days after the Mayor spent time in the hospital to have a stent put in and just weeks after having triple bypass surgery in January. If that Mayor can't make be at City Hall tonight, Mayor Pro Tempore Karen Gibson will have to take over.

Citizen Comments

Look for LP&L to be discussed here from Mikel Ward and possibly others. Media attention to the audit and headbutting between City officials and those at LP&L have made this a growing story. Mayor Robertson recently appeared on my show and said that several red flags caused Lee Ann Dumbauld to request an audit of LP&L. The Mayor also said during the interview:

“There is such a defensive position over there from staff. Now, I haven’t gotten any of this form the board, and I have not spoken with the board. I do know that one board member interviewed with the A-J and was extremely defensive of LP&L and these practices. But the thing that concerns me most is the unwillingness of staff over there to work with the auditors to get this problem solved where we can go down the road.”

How many citizens will speak about LP&L tonight? At least two, but it could grow.

Library Issues

The future of Lubbock libraries continues to be a hot topic at City Hall. Tonight the Lubbock City Council will consider creating a Citizen Advisory Committee on City Library Services. They will also consider appointing seven people to that committee tonight. The committee would study library needs in Lubbock and make recommendations the the City Council. The committee isn't without controversy though with at least one City Councilman wanting to just have the Friends of the Library act as the committee.

You can view tonight's City Council Agenda here.

On Friday, Councilman Todd Klein will join Tom and Laura on Lubbock's First News from 7-8am to discuss tonight's meeting and other issues facing the City of Lubbock.