I’ve a real concern that City of Lubbock voters are about to allow themselves to once again be hoodwinked in a mayoral race.

Mayor Tom Martin has not raised fees or taxes on anything except for what voters directly approved in bond elections that I’m aware of. And in those bond elections voters were given figures as to what the costs of projects would be. Now that they are paying for those projects they approved, many have awakened to realize bond issues aren’t free money.

Tom Martin has set aside the self-indulgent, politically-sexy projects others often push, to focus upon the far less visible but more prudent and important municipal infrastructure projects. Such a focus doesn’t get cheers but is far more important to the long term health and future growth of a city. It’s government doing what government should do and little else.

The challenger, Glen Robertson, talks about debt and hidden fees with the zeal of a strong conservative but, is it real? His talk about hidden fees is dishonest, having been designed to conflate concerns about Lubbock Power and Light management with water fees. LP&L doesn’t get or use that money; they just act as a billing agent for the City!

Robertson also supported LP&L raising your electric rates in a letter and refused, on Lubbock’s First News on KFYO, to rule out a tax increase.

And what about all this debt Robertson suddenly appears concerned about? I say suddenly because I can’t find an instance where Mr. Robertson publicly opposed any bond issue or big spending idea. He was absent fighting against a wasteful visitor center, new performing arts center, and the whole host of other expensive projects such as splash pads and palatial soccer fields. These were all in the last few years so, where was Robertson with his anti-debt message when it mattered?

Robertson is political fake in my opinion. His message is strong, appealing, and sadly, is designed to fool voters. His primary political ally is liberal-democrat Victor Hernandez and that’s who you empower by voting for Robertson.

Additionally, Robertson’s announcement for mayor was held at more-bond-debt-please headquarters, Don Caldwell’s place (remember the visitor center across the street with a proposed theater for Caldwell to manage that was stopped by Mayor Martin?) And, Robertson’s earliest behind the scenes backers are Democrats and those who seem to always favor more spending.

Don’t let Glen Robertson hoodwink you or your family. Vote for Tom Martin for Lubbock mayor.

Robert Pratt is the host of Pratt on Texas, weekdays from 5 to 7 p.m. on News Talk 790 KFYO and online at kfyo.com. For podcasts of the show and morning updates, go to prattontexas.com for more.