Stay positive, you'll live longer. At least that's what experts are now saying about factors that live to longer, healthier lives. According to ABC News:

Researchers found that having a positive attitude and a sense of humor could play a role in living a longer, healthier life. They developed a questionnaire designed to identify certain genetically-based personality traits and used it to assess 243 Ashkenazi Jewish adults between 95 and 107 years of age. The investigators chose this population because their genetic similarity would make it easier to account for genetic differences in personality.

"The results indicated they had two things -- a positive attitude for life, meaning they are optimistic, easygoing, extraverted, laughed more and expressed emotions rather than bottling them up," said Dr. Nil Barzilai, a study co-author and director of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine's Institute for Aging Research.

The study participants also were less neurotic and more conscientious than a representative sample of other Americans.

Of course, staying positive isn't the only factor but I can see how it helps. Staying active and having the right genes play a role in living a long life. I'd also lump in health and a little luck as well. Trying to keep a positive outlook though is advice we could all use from time to time.