A robbery Saturday night leaves Lubbock police looking for two suspects.

Two armed men walked into the Arby’s in the 5000 block of Frankford Avenue late Saturday night, took the cash from the register, and ordered the two employees into the store’s freezer. Nobody was injured in the incident.

Some other area media outlets incorrectly reported that Store Manager Moses Garcia was a suspect in the case, rather than a victim, and Lubbock police confirmed that the suspects are still unknown.

Garcia, who was forced to go into the freezer following the robbery, discussed the situation with KFYO Monday afternoon.

"Two men came in at almost closing time, we close at 11, around 10:50, and I was at gunpoint. I was forced to give the money to them, forced to the floor, then they forced us to the freezer," Garcia said.

Garcia continued, saying "They were wearing masks, red sweaters, they were pretty much covered from head to toe, and we were told if we looked at them, they'd shoot us...I was scared for my life...I'm trying to go home at the end of the night. I find out I'm fired the next day, and I see the news, and it's like 'okay, well, what did I do wrong?'"

Garcia says that he was fired from Arby’s the day after the robbery occurred, and isn't sure why. KFYO will keep you updated as this story develops.