A student attending a football game in the Amarillo Independent School District was arrested Friday and booked into the Youth Center of the High Plains. He was seen wearing rosary beads, which caused school officials to ask him to leave. 

According to My High Plains, the student was arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest.

The incident stemmed from the student wearing rosary beads, which are against school dress code. School officials reportedly asked him to remove them or leave the school property. After refusing to remove the rosary beads or leave school property, police were contacted to deal with the situation.

The student reportedly became combative with the responding officer.

Amarillo PD Corporal Jerry Neufeld said (quote via My High Plains): [The student] and the officer actually both went to the ground. They are literally rolling back and forth across the ground, across the pavement, the sidewalk and all that. There are bumps and bruises on both officers, as well as the kid. "

Neufeld added that the arrest had nothing to do with religion, but started due to the student not adhering to AISD dress code guidelines.

Amarillo Police say that rosary beads are a sign of gang affiliation, not just religious devotion. As a result, school dress codes prohibits students from wearing them.

What do you think about the student being arrested for not removing his rosary beads?

[via Everything Lubbock]