Is it time for bacon lovers to hit the PANIC button?

A pig group in the United Kingdom is predicting a worldwide, unavoidable pork and bacon shortage next year. Droughts have had a major effect on the food supply for pigs, As a result, the price for pig feed has skyrocketed, and the supply of fresh bacon...I mean, the supply of pigs, is expected to drop dramatically.

The droughts meant less feed to go around and farmers had to take drastic measures. One farmer fed his cows candy to survive, while others have pared their herds. The NPA warned that he number of slaughtered pigs could drop by 10 percent in the second half of next year and that could cause the price of pork products to DOUBLE.

The group is taking the situation so seriously, they have launched a “Save Our Bacon” campaign.

So, what does this mean for bacon lovers in the U.S.?

“Unfortunately it does seem as though this is an unavoidable event due to drought conditions in key pork producing areas,” said Heather Lauer, author of the “Bacon Unwrapped” blog and the book “Bacon: A Love Story.”

However, don't go hoarding all the bacon quite yet.  The predicted drop in pork supplies is only around 8-10%, so although you might see a spike in pork prices next year, it's not like the world will run out of bacon. Just don't expect too many bacon ice cream sundaes or other crazy bacon-laden foods next year.