Yesterday we got our first look at what could be the new districts in Texas. Rep. Burt Solomons released this first draft and there is always a chance it could change, but what's shaping up is something we thought would happen.

The proposed map gets rid of District 85 and forces Rep. Charles Perry squaring off against Rep. Jim Landtroop. If the map stays the same it looks as though Perry would have a big advantage in an election against Landtroop. Out of Landtroop's old District 85, only Hale County remains. Perry keeps Lubbock and Hockley county in District 83.

This is something many of us predicted would happen. West Texas is losing population and we have 3 freshman Representatives out here. Two of which voted against the Speaker, and they just happen to be the ones that would run against each other.

In the coming days you will hear a lot of complaining, but trust me, people saw this coming. I just wonder how good of friends Perry and Landtroop will stay.