Well the City of Lubbock has stepped in it this time.

Margaret Luger and her husband have been cooking and serving homemade meals to the homeless in Lubbock for the past 19 months. On Monday, a City of Lubbock Health Department Inspector shut them down. Why? Because the Lugar's didn't get a permit from the city.

The inspector, Ernest Villareal, said that the Luger's must get a permit in order to continue and to get the permit they must prepare the food in a city inspected kitchen. If they don't, they could be fined.

One of the reasons the inspector gave was because the Luger's could poison the food. Are you kidding me?

Some are saying that the city is doing this because they are targeting the homeless. I don't think so. I think it's just stupidity running the show. Talk about an overreach of government, right here in Lubbock.

What's next? Will the City of Lubbock require permits for lemonade stand? What about tailgating during football season? Will they require student groups to get permits before handing food out on the Texas Tech campus? What about business pot-lucks? Are those now banned? House parties are going to be pretty dull without food.

The City of Lubbock must back off of this stupid rule. Can we use a little common sense here? This couple was only trying to give back and help out others who are less fortunate. They weren't trying to cause harm. I am sure that this health inspector was only acting on the directions given to him by the higher-ups. Time to change direction folks.

Not one person who contacted the morning show agreed with the action taken by city officials and neither do I. This is embarrassing for Lubbock and action must be taken to correct this mistake.

As far as the Luger's go. I say, keep on serving.