The Texas Senate paved the way for a Voter ID bill to be brought up and hopefully passed in this legislative session. In the last session the issue died, but since the Republicans hold a huge advantage in numbers, it should pass easy. I've yet to hear a good argument why it shouldn't. (more after the jump)Democrats fear Voter ID. They hate even thinking that it might pass in this session. The reasons that people give who are against Voter ID are pretty silly to be honest. They say that it unfairly targets minorities and the elderly. They say that it oppresses people and that Republicans only want it so Democrats won't vote.

Seriously? Those are the dumbest excuses I've heard. You have to show an ID all the time now. Here is a short list of things you have to show an ID for:

Writing a check, withdrawing money from a bank, buying tobacco, buying alcohol, getting on a plane, receiving some benefits, and there are more.

Dems haven't complained about those before.

We all know that this is really about cheating and fraud in our system. Democrats don't really mind voter fraud since it always benefits them. How about we stand up and protect our system of voting. Protect not only this State, but also the Republic.

It's time Texas passes a Voter ID bill.