Sulphur Springs Middle School has raised eyebrows after a teacher there sent students home with "Ghetto Classroom Awards" certificates.

According to a report from CBS 11 News in Dallas, a grandmother of a 14-year-old special needs student first complained to school officials after he brought home a certificate that had "8th Annual Ghetto Classroom Awards" at the top of it.  The woman said her son received  "The 'huh?' Award" for his frequent confusion.

The awards were apparently meant as a joke, and the teacher, Stephanie Garner, had run the contests at her last job in the Dallas area.

Another teacher named Tim Couch was involved in the awards, and according to Fox 4 News he has apologized. Garner has offered to resign.

CBS 11 talked to Superintendent Michael Lamb, who quickly condemned the awards and said the school is not proud of it.

One has to ask the question: How did the teacher get away with this at her previous job for as long as she did? Were the awards taken the wrong way in the smaller town when they were more accepted (right or wrong) in the larger Dallas area school? It raises some interesting questions for sure.

[via Chron]

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