Oreo posted a photo on its Facebook page Monday where there was an Oreo cookie with cream in the color of a rainbow to support of Pride Month.

Fair enough.

Oreo isn’t going to sell rainbow creamed cookies, but as is the norm in our culture there are a substantial number of people who are now going to boycott the cookies. I am one who rarely goes for a boycott, especially when it comes to food, but this boycott isn’t necessary.

In spite of the sad pandering by Oreo to boost sales of their product because they want to “Support Love”, boycotting is just silly. Oreo wants to bring awareness to issues in the LGBT Community, but they don’t care about civil rights. They care about money.

A lot of people who commented on the Oreo Facebook page said they were going to buy a bag of cookies because of the advertisement probably think they are doing some good in supporting Gay rights, but buying cookies doesn’t mean you support anything except getting a fat ass. In fact, its lazier than online activism where you can click “like” and feel like you matter to a cause.

Marketing products to certain segments of society is just good business and with Target releasing a line of clothes for Pride month, it’s natural that other companies do the same. If that offends you, then you probably shouldn’t shop or go eat at all in any public establishment.

If you really believe that Oreo and Target are rolling these products and advertisements out because they care then you probably also believe that men go to Hooters for the hot wings.

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