Schools have become hostile to regular young boys, drugging them out of their normal energy level, punishing normal hero play with zero tolerance policies on violence that go so far as to make a finger and the spoken word “Bang” a suspend-able offense.

They have glorified despicable acts like suicide by making the selfish disgusting person who committed the act the victim, and labeling normal kids (being mean yes, but doing normal kid things) as villains and marching them into a ruined life as felons. It is teaching kids that if they are having problems, rather than dealing with it, take your own life, you’ll be hailed a martyr and those you have a problem with will be crucified in your name.

Now the lunacy of our public school system is punishing those who do the right thing.

The high school honor student that went to a house party after work just to pick up a drunk friend and take them home to avoid a drunk driver has been suspended and kicked from her captain position of the school volleyball team.

Being a designated driver for a friend got her all that.

This is why when I was in high school, less than a decade ago, and kids now are find hiding places to have fights after the class bell rings.

Hormones will never go away, nor will aggression, your zero-tolerance only moved the fight out of the watchful eye of the instructor who can step in when things get out of hand, and into a dark alley where even worse injuries can occur.

Angst and bullying will always happen, turning them into martyrs only encourages the ‘easy way out’.

Punishing the best amongst kids for doing the right thing only ensures that they, along with everyone else will hide even more from you and likely choose not to do the right thing in the future.

You wont stop underage drinking, but when you punish the designated drivers you will ensure more drunk teens on the road.

Andrew Montalvo is a KFYO Talkshow Producer.  Let him know what you think in the comments below.