On the Sean Hannity Show this week Mr. Hannity spoke with an Obamacare operator who was helpful and answered his questions regarding the program honestly.

Unfortunately, honesty did not make the rollout look good and Erling Davis was subsequently fired.

Honesty is not highly valued in the Obama administration, as is made obvious by the many people that have been given raises or placed in protected positions for lying in support of this president.

I’m not saying that Obama ordered the operator’s termination, but his policy of rewarding those that cover for him while railroading those that are honest has set a tone for all federal agencies.

Those in high ranking positions know that unethical behavior in support of the president is a safer course of action than honesty, and that poison has coursed swiftly through the veins of the rest of the government.

Corruption and zero-transparancey from square one does not bode well for the government seizure of health care choice from the American people.

Andrew Montalvo is a KFYO Talkshow Producer.  Let him know what you think in the comments below.