In the last few years we have seen speech after speech of Obama spreading his propaganda at every turn.

One of the most aggravating things about the Republicans was that they did not do the same.

It goes beyond the lack of consensus in the Republican party, having not one Republican go on media marathons to make the point made sure that it appeared that Obama was right and like chided children, the Republicans just stood in the corner quietly.

The recent media blitz by our Senator, Ted Cruz, not only breaks that shameful trend, but shows that it works.

Senator Cruz has now become a well-known name and the issues for which he stands have been dragged into the forefront, where the Democrats don’t want them.

Regardless of the Senator’s future intentions for office, I hope he keeps speaking out in front of every microphone he can get, and I hope that other Republicans follow suit.

This day and age, those that advertise their cause most are the winners.

Andrew Montalvo is a KFYO Talkshow Producer.  Let him know what you think in the comments below.