The senate has passed the first part of Amnesty.

What they are proposing is not reform, it is just another wave of giving illegal aliens (which is a crime) preferential treatment over those trying to obey our immigration laws.

If the United States continues down a path of no border security and amnesty every few decades what makes anyone think the problem is going to become anything less than worse?

Those waiting to go through the process legally are essentially being punished for following the law by being placed in line after those that broke it.

Regardless of any “end of the line” business, the fact remains that illegals will not have to leave so regardless of legal status putting them on the pathway is putting them in front of those waiting properly.

The question, if this trend continues, is how long can out system maintain itself under the weight that our entitlement systems will put on our economy with each new wave.

Andrew Montalvo is a KFYO Talkshow Producer.  Let him know what you think in the comments below.