Recently a video of a 13 year old white boy being beat up on a school bus by three 15 year old black boys has become viral.

The bus driver in the video did not step in to pull the older boys off as they broke the younger boy’s arm and gave him black eyes.

I’m not going into the hypocrisy of the race baiters, but instead ask the question about that actions of the driver.

The driver has been interviewed, and in the interview it appeared to me that he was not a racist and he held no ill will towards the younger boy.

In the video you can see him calling for help and yelling at the older boys to leave the younger one alone.

The bus driver retired a few weeks later, but there is little doubt that had he jumped in to protect the younger child and possibly been injured himself he would have been fired and lost his retirement, especially if he had harmed one of the older boys in defending the victim.

These zero tolerance policies have been in force since I was in high school in Houston, and I was once suspended from school for three days for getting in a scuffle with another boy who had been sexually molesting my girlfriend.

I went to him to tell him to leave her alone, he threw a punch and I defended myself.

But the school didn't care, they didn't care that a female student was being molested, they didn't care that I had used words and he had used fists.

The pervert got the exact same punishment I did.

Protecting yourself or others has become just as punishable as being a perpetrator.

This bus driver spent a career driving, and he knew full well that all that time would be for naught if he did the right thing.

Zero tolerance doesn't stop violence, it only stops those that do right from being able to stand up to the bullies.

Andrew Montalvo is a KFYO Talkshow Producer.  Let him know what you think in the comments below.