Wendy Davis, who led the filibuster that killed a bill that would bring safety standards to abortions in Texas, brought up a very interesting point.

While I was listening to her filibuster she made the argument that Roe v Wade’s ruling that abortion is protected by the constitution placed it on a level where abortion was above regulation.

Even if all those regulations seek to do is ensure that women undergoing the surgery of killing their infants can get to a hospital if something goes wrong.

It is rather interesting that she would make that argument.

First, abortion, while the supreme court found it was a right implied by the constitution, is not explicitly named in the document.

The right to bear arms is not only mentioned, but even specifically states that it ‘shall not be infringed’.

Her party, and I expect even Ms. Davis herself, are staunch supporters of heavy restrictions on guns.

I wonder, how could an implied right be above regulations to make it safer, but a right that is specifically mentioned (even explicitly have language that would lead one to believe it is beyond regulation) can be regulated out of the hands of most Americans.

Democrat hypocrisy never ceases to be on full display.

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