The Muslim Brotherhood was removed from power this week by a military coup, but according to the administration it was not a coup.

Now comes the surprise: Obama did the wrong thing, but for the right reason.

Yes, for once the end is right, even if the means are not.

American aid is not permitted in situations where a government has been usurped in a military coup.

However, the military in Egypt has been a great ally of the United States since before the original dictator was disposed to now.

Much of our aid to that country goes to that military, and in these times of turbulence, it is a good idea to continue to send aid to our allies.

So, maintaining the line of aid to the Egyptian military is the right choice.

Unfortunately, as Obama’s administration has made a habit during its time in power, the president lies to meet the end he wants.

Even if I agree with the end, I cannot stand with the means.

I am not a utilitarian; I cannot accept the belief that the ends justify the means as it is far too much a slippery slope.

I’m glad the administration is going to continue to aid our allies for once; I just wish they would be honorable and honest to do it.

But with this president’s track record, I cannot say I am surprised.

Andrew Montalvo is a KFYO Talkshow Producer.  Let him know what you think in the comments below.