A new case challenging Obamacare seems to be moving forward.

A federal judge refused to dismiss a lawsuit against the Obama administration’s roll-out of Obamacare subsidies in opt-out states, though the law itself says they cannot.

The same judge, however, also refused to issue an injunction to stop the IRS from breaking the law it and the Obama administration claim to be enforcing.

It should be no surprise what the president and the IRS are doing, they have been disregarding the specifics of the law and enforcing and granting waivers at whim.

Let’s hope that this time the case moves forward and that perhaps with a second try Justice Roberts might rule with the constitution and not disregard it for expediency, the liberal justices already do that enough.

Andrew Montalvo is a KFYO Talkshow Producer.  Let him know what you think in the comments below.