That’s right, contrary what our high school ‘teachers’ suggested in history, economics, social studies and a host of other subjects; the United states is not, and was never meant to be, a democracy.

Our country, though its systems at every level have been perverted, was meant to be a representative republic.

Why? Because as demonstrated clearly at the end of the filibuster in the Texas senate last night when the vote on making abortion safer and adding some regulations on when it could be conducted, the gallery, full with democratic supporters, began to shout and scream to stop the proceedings.

This behavior is not activism, it is not protest, it I the kind of thing one sees in a banana republic, it is democracy. One person one voice and all the voices screaming at once until nothing can be done.

And the passions of the mob rule over the voices of everyone else in the state that voted their representatives into that chamber.

The founding fathers knew that the tyranny of the mob was no improvement over the tyranny of a king, and made it clear in their arguments, and now we can see why.

So to those that support this behavior, and to those that support a more democratic system, and to those democrats that cheer this breakdown of the lawfully elected representation of this state I have one question.

When the mob finally does become the complete and utter laws of the land, who will you have to blame if that mob happens to decide that their whims demand your rights against your will?