For quite a while I have seen Atheists, wither they be part of one of the loud bigoted activist groups, or even some of my friends talk openly about how religion is a ‘superstition’ for the ‘weak minded’.

Recently, however, their bigotry against anyone who dares have faith has reaches a new, frankly hilariously worrisome level of hypocrisy.

It started with demanding that any religious symbol be removed from public places.

Then they demanded that all children be taught in an atheistic environment.

Recently they started demanding that they be allowed to erect ‘atheistic monuments’ aside religious ones. Their ‘monuments’ have turned out to be nothing but out right attacks on religion with no basis in atheism, like the nativity made of action figures and the bench covered in anti-religion quotes and ‘facts’ that don’t hold up under historical scrutiny.

And by the way atheists, the difference is the nativity and the Ten Commandments are not meant to offend anyone, yours are for the express purpose of offending and persecuting those of faith.

Now they are demanding that there be Atheist Chaplains in the military.

Yes, it’s hilariously hypocritical and it makes no sense, but it’s true.

If atheism is not a religion then there is no need for chaplains, but even if we are going to treat it as one, there are already non-religious counselors in the military…. They are called councilors, psychiatrists and psychologists.

They are either trying to belittle religions again by removing the purpose of the chaplain, or (as I suspect) they are starting to see themselves as a religion in a twisted way to justify their bigoted attacks on all the other religions, and it is only their personal dogmas keeping them from seeing it for what it is.

Atheists, if you think religion is a silly superstition that’s fine, I respect your opinion, now please leave me to my faith. I don’t have to practice my faith in the dark shadows for sake of your lack of belief, just like you don’t have hide the fact you don’t believe in god.

Our existence is not an affront to your lack of faith, your insecurity in your own atheism is to blame for your feelings and being a bigot against those of faith and trying to act like your bigotry is justified by demanding atheism have everything religion has will not make it so.

Either you are a religion or you are not, make up your mind and leave those of faith alone.

Andrew Montalvo is a KFYO Talkshow Producer.  Let him know what you think in the comments below.