Once again the Democrats have decided to throw checks and balances to the wind to advance their agenda.

With their use of the nuclear option today they threw away centuries of traditional nomination procedure to be able to stack the Washington DC appellate court with cronies.

And as with most everything the left does these days, they throw caution to the wind to be able to force their agenda in the present.

Senate Minority Leader McConnell was right that the Democrats will likely live to regret their decision when Republicans come to power again.

Either the Democrats feel they are so entrenched that the American people cannot dethrone them, or as with everything else we’ve seen just from Bush to Obama, they will feign insult and surprise when the Republicans use similar tactics that they used.

Just as they whine now over how the Republicans are obstructionists and won’t work with the president (When anyone with a sliver of sense can see that it is the president that refuses to ever budge) they forget their own rabid opposition to every waking breath of former president Bush.

Aside from the political ramifications that are sure to come, the biggest worry is that liberals already have a habit of nominating justices that are more concerned with politics than law, now that they have no checks on their nominees I worry that we will no longer have a system of justice, but a rubber-stamp committee for every statist dream of the left.

Andrew Montalvo is a KFYO Talkshow Producer.  Let him know what you think in the comments below.