From exemptions to Obamacare going to the white house, congress and big business, to the possible exemptions heading for big unions, it’s very clear that those with the most power over th law are all running from it.

At the same time, Democrat leader of the Senate, Harry Reid, killed every amendment to even push the law back that was supplied by the Republicans.

Reid even killed the amendment to get rid of the medical device tax, a tax that I have yet to find a single supporter of, and even have seen some Democrats come out and speak against it.

For all the talk the Dems do on TV and elsewhere accusing the Republicans of not being willing to negotiate, it seems that the Dems are the ones more dead-set on winning without compromise.

And that’s what we see with debate after debate in this country, the Republicans will be split with Rinos backing the Democrat position and conservatives refusing to just go along.

But with Democrats, we see their politicians, their pundits and even their supporters, that while they’ll admit something is not going to work, they will steadfastly stand behind anything to support the party line.

Seems to me whenever we hear a Democrat talk about how the Republicans will not negotiate or be reasonable we should replace the word “Republican” with “we Democrats”.

Andrew Montalvo is a KFYO Talkshow Producer.  Let him know what you think in the comments below.