The Obama administration has taken extraordinary steps to close down public spaces with barricades and guards that aren't even seen when the park service supposedly has funding.

And just like his closure of the White House to tours after sequester to today, it shows a contempt for what I have to assume Obama sees as the ‘peasants’.

However, the thing that is frightening is not so much his acting like a pre-revolution French sovereign, sparing no expense or luxury to himself at the expense of the ‘subjects’, its that he and his administration feel they have the right to close down private businesses.

There have been several reports of private establishments closing their doors due to their existence on national parks, but we have also seen one business that stayed open, and while the park service left the road that runs right by his business open, they stationed uniformed officers to guard the entry driveways to his establishment.

For Obama and his administration to feel they have a right to declare a private business closed is shockingly tyrannical.

Irony of posting uniformed guards they don’t have normally during a shutdown aside.

It shows the mindset of the modern day Democrat, that there is no personal sovereignty, there is no private versus public, all aspects of life occur by the graces of an all-powerful federal government.

And these same people still think that the Democrats won’t play political games with the lives of citizens once they have control of the health industry?


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