Recently the news has been filled with scandals involving the current President's administration.

From Benghazi to the IRS and even back to the Fast and Furious debacle, many people I have spoken to are amazed that this president has avoided consequences thus far.

I will not beat the dead horse of the media double standard, we all know of the bias and at this point it is obvious that those that engage in it don't care and no one will change the abuse.

Rather, I will agree that if President Obama was Former President Bush, or even Former President Clinton, he would be facing Impeachment by now.

The problem is he is not Bush or Clinton, he is Obama.

Lets set aside the fact that our nation's political climate has become exceedingly more polarized and divisive than it has been in the past, even as divisive as it is, were he any other president, Barack Obama would be facing impeachment, and why is that?


Yes, I used the horrid democrat dog-whistle demagoguery term, but in this case I am using it properly.

President Obama will not be facing impeachment. Not now, not likely ever, due to the fear of this term.

Democrats will not impeach him because he is a Democrat.

Republicans will not impeach him because they will not risk being labeled the party that impeached the first black president.

Any honest person will admit, that is how the main-stream media would likely present any sort of impeachment proceedings.

Impeachment is not coming, from either side. We are going to have Barack Obama as the President of the United States until 2016 even with the current slew of scandals.

The color of the president's skin is too powerful a weapon in the current climate of political correctness run wild.

The efforts of those opposed to this president are better spent tying to defeat his agenda and educating those around you to increase the likelihoods of a better president being elected in 2016.

The fear of the race card will prevent the Republicans from holding Obama to task, so don't waste your time calling for impeachment.

Andrew Montalvo is a KFYO Talkshow Producer.  Let him know what you think in the comments below