There has been quite a bit of talk of what do to about America’s rampant illegal immigration problem.

It seems exportation, wither forced by law or imposed through regulation, has been taken completely off the table.

The new solutions range from work visas to a pathway to citizenship.

I will not address the argument of how any of these options are a spit in the face of immigrants that did it correctly, because anyone that can’t see that is blind or a liar.

Rather, none of the options being currently considered will work the way they are suggested, regardless of the wordage of the bill.

Simply said, there is no such thing as a second class citizen in this country. Reconstruction rightfully saw to that.

When our founding fathers did not make citizenship dependent on anything other than not being an alien they did away with the caste system of citizens versus second class or non-citizens seen in nations before them.

The moment illegals are made permanent residents with a 15 year path to citizenship that wait will be thrown out by the courts or overruled by the democrats, and rightfully so.

To make a person’s wait for citizenship dependent on the color of their skin is something this country will not tolerate and violates every accomplishment of reconstruction and the civil rights movement.

To deny a citizen entitlement benefits under these same circumstances will be struck down by the courts instantly as well, for the same reason.

I think it will also bring about the death of any sort of legal immigration, why go through the long complicated process of coming here legally when you can just jump the border and get your citizenship ahead of those doing it the right way?

No, accommodation never works, and it will not work here. Any half-way plan will become full amnesty and the borders will be more wide open than ever, as the Democrats want.

A massive flood of low skill immigrants from the south seeking their amnesty and free benefits will ensure Democrat rule until the weight collapses our system.

Republicans will win no friends by supporting Amnesty, and they will never be able to out redistribute the Democrats.

All they will do by supporting any of these “solutions” is ensure the death of their party along with the rule of law and any shreds of personal property rights we have left, followed swiftly by every other right we currently enjoy.

Andrew Montalvo is a KFYO Talkshow Producer.  Let him know what you think in the comments below