Welcome to One More Round where I give my final thoughts on some of the issues of the day. Sometimes I give my thoughts on something discussed earlier on the show or it might be a story that broke later in the day. Sometimes though I may discuss cigars, food, drinks, or sports.

Today on the podcast I discuss the local Lubbock City Council races. Thursday on the show, Councilwoman Karen Gibson will appear on the show. Councilwoman Gibson knows that I haven't always agreed with her, but she is coming on the show anyway. To me that earns her a lot of credit and respect. Local politicians can be thinned-skinned and not like it too much when they are criticized.

I don't have the candidates on for me, I have them on so the citizens can have their questions answered. I feel as though everyone running for office should have to answer the questions that citizens want answered and those who have appeared on my show have shown that they respect the listeners and voters.

Dr. Brian Carr has also been criticized on my show, but has agreed to appear as well in April. He told me in an email that he is normally busy during the morning hours and the earliest he could appear would be in April. Good enough for me.

The only candidate running for office who has yet to respond is Councilman Hernandez. Councilman Hernandez owes it to the voters to appear and answer questions. As previously mentioned, other candidates who I have disagreed with have agreed to appear on The Chad Hasty Show. Not Hernandez though.

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