You've probably heard the story on KFYO News, but early Sunday morning Lubbock Police received a 911 call from a woman who was reporting a domestic disturbance. During the call, 20-year-old Zitra Rivera, told police that her boyfriend, 25-year-old Jermar Antwan McKinzie, had kicked in her door and had hit her.

If you have heard the audio, you know what happens next. McKinzie turned violent while Rivera was on with 911. I felt bad listening to the audio and hearing what this woman was going through.

Luckily, LPD showed up within 3 minutes and Officer Jennifer Breazeale witnessed McKinzie standing over Rivera holding a knife. Breazeale ordered McKinzie to drop the knife which he refused to do. Officer Breazeale then fired two rounds into the torso of McKinzie, killing him.

Great job LPD and great job Officer Breazeale! You are a hero and probably saved a young woman's life. McKinzie made his choice and it was a poor one. I have no sympathy for him or anyone that goes out and beats up a woman. He had a knife and was probably going to kill. He didn't listen to the police and now he's dead. All his choices.

There are some morons out there already playing the race card. Those of you who are playing the race card are just doing what you always do. Making yourself look foolish.

Again, great job to Officer Breazeale and LPD. You did the right thing and you were able to save a young woman's life.