One website has ranked Lubbock among the top best cities for job growth this year. ranked Lubbock 10th as one of this year’s best small cities for job growth, falling behind Odessa, Midland, and San Angelo.

The group chooses how well a region can grow by looking at the metropolitan statistical area’s monthly employment data. Lubbock’s metropolitan statistical area includes Lubbock and Crosby Counties, and is compiled by the Texas Workforce Commission.

A small area is considered one with up to 150,000 jobs, midsize areas range from 150,000 to 450,000 jobs, and large areas are those with more than 450,000 jobs.

The index is calculated from a summary of recent growth trends of the employment rates, mid-term growth, and long term trend and momentum.

The Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos area has been ranked first for large cities, followed by Houston-Sugar Land, Baytown in second, Fort Worth-Arlington in fourth, and the Dallas-Plano-Irving area in sixth. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma placed 10th, and New York City, New York ranked 11th.

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