Back in 2008, college students were crazy about Obama. At least, that's how it seemed when stations like MTV and VH1 were full of celebrities singing his praises and people were carting around T-shirts and posters emblazoned with the president's picture and slogans.

But, like all fads, the "Obama-rama" has finally subsided.

At a symposium held at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio, college students made it clear that they no longer thought Obama was cool. A political science professor at the college stated one of the reasons may be that Obama just couldn't live up to the young people's idea of him, and that his "cute little quirks" are now just annoying.

Although young people were some of the most vocal of Obama's supporters in 2008, they were not critical to his winning the presidency. According to Pew Research, Obama would have still won Ohio and Florida, two of his crucial states, even if he didn't have the youth vote backing him.