The morning after news broke that U.S. forces had killed Osama bin Laden, politico's were already on the air trying to predict how big of a bounce President Obama would see in his poll numbers. Most agreed that he would see a slight bounce and that has proven to be the case, but don't worry it will be short lived.

One thing you have to admit about the American people is that we move on to other subjects pretty quickly. On 9/11 we came together as Americans and ditched our labels... for about a month. Then we moved on to other subjects where we could debate each other. U.S. flags started to disappear and we went from a nation united, to one that was still united but we remembered why we always got into fights.

Obama will receive praise from Americans for about a week or so. Then, the bottom will fall out. People will still be glad that Osama is dead but they will remember the problems going on in their own homes. American's will remember that we keep paying more and more for gas, food, and just about everything else. Americans will remember that spending at the federal level is out of control. We will remember ObamaCare and house our insurance rates keep going up. We will remember our friends, family, and neighbors who are out of work and the fact that it's still pretty hard in different areas of the country to get a job.

Republicans don't need to worry about the bounce President Obama is enjoying right now. Instead, Republicans need to worry about the lack of an exciting candidate for President. Is there anyone out there that you are just fired up for? Obama's numbers will fall and that's when the Republicans need to pounce. Let Obama ride this wave of positive press. Who knows, this might be it until election time.