There is no doubt that Mitt Romney is a smart guy. He's excellent in the business world and has proven to be a very good politician, even if you do count his campaign collapse against John McCain.

Lately, Romney has been speaking out against President Obama's Health Care plan. That's not a big surprise because any Republican that runs for President will be speaking out against Obamacare. However, Romney is different. When Romney was Governor of Massachusetts he signed into law an individual-mandate universal health care law. It's been dubbed Romneycare.

You would think that since he has been speaking out so much against Obamacare, his plan in MA would be so much better. Well, you may want to think again. According to, Commonwealth Care includes the following benefits:

What benefits will I get?

Commonwealth Care members get health services by enrolling in health plans. There are several plans to choose from. Each health plan offers the same medical benefits, plus some extras. Some plans are only available in certain parts of Massachusetts. Some plans cost more than other plans.

All Commonwealth Care health plans include:

  • outpatient medical care (doctor's visits, surgery, radiology and lab, abortion, community health center visits)
  • inpatient medical care (hospitalization)
  • mental health and substance abuse services (outpatient and inpatient)
  • prescription drugs (pharmacy and mail service)
  • rehabilitation services (cardiac rehabilitation, home health aide, therapies, inpatient services up to 100 days per year)
  • vision care (exam and glasses every 24 months)
  • dental care for people with incomes at or below 100% FPG
  • emergency care including ambulance and out-of-state coverage
  • wellness care (family planning, nutrition, prenatal and nurse midwife)

The health plan you choose may also offer extra services such as fitness center and weight loss club discounts.

Not sure if you noticed, but I places one word in bold under the benefits section. That word is abortion. That's right, Romneycare covers abortions. Remember the big fight Republicans and the Tea Party had with Democrats and the President over abortion? I do.

Romney has a lot of upside of other issues, but this year in the Republican primary I'm not sure how he can win. I've never been a 1 issue only person, but can Republicans really vote for someone who introduced universal health care in his state and even had it cover abortion? I don't see how it can happen.

What are your thoughts? Let us know below.