No additional fireworks bans have been issued for Lubbock County for the Fourth of July holiday.

On Friday, the Lubbock County Commissioners Court determined that no additional ban on the sale and use of fireworks is necessary due to the recent rains.

The ban on bottle rockets and missiles with fins will remain in place.

Caution is still advised as Lubbock County is still in extreme drought conditions and there are areas where dry vegetation has built up, posing a fire danger.

In Texas, those purchasing fireworks must be at least 16 years old, and most areas have city ordinances prohibiting the use of fireworks within the city limits, including the City of Lubbock.

Lubbock County has also offered some tips on fireworks safety, including:

  • Obey all local fireworks laws;
  • Don’t buy fireworks in brown paper packaging, as those have been made for professional displays and can be dangerous for consumers;
  • Always have a water hose, a bucket of water, wet towels, or a fire extinguisher nearby;
  • Do not hold lit fireworks other than sparklers;
  • Never throw fireworks at another person, animal, or vehicle;
  • Never shoot fireworks from metal or glass containers, as they may shatter, causing injury;
  • Always stand at least six feet from another person while using sparklers or other fireworks;
  • The embers from sparklers can burn skin and fabrics;
  • Never modify, combine, or create your own fireworks, and do not try to relight a firework that did not function;
  • Put spent fireworks into a bucket of water or sand to put them completely out;
  • Clean up all fireworks debris.