Well, we can now add Nicki Minaj to the list of celebrities voting for Mitt Romney. According to Politico, in her new song, Minaj raps the lyrics:

“I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy b------s are f------ up the economy,” Minaj raps in a track called “Mercy" on Lil Wayne’s latest mixtape.

You can listen to the (NSFW) song at Rapdose, the website that first flagged the line about Romney.

Well, I guess it's good to see another celebrity see that Obama isn't the answer, but I still put this in the "who really cares" file of endorsements. It's not like a great number of people will vote for Romney because of what she or any other celebrity says. I hope she is ready for the backlash though from other rappers and those in Hollywood. There is no doubt that liberals will attack her for her thoughts.