Here are just a few things in Chad’s Pile that you will hear on Lubbock’s First News this morning. Give Chad your feedback on the steaming topics.

1. Mayor Tom Martin and Open Lines

It’s Friday which means we open up the phone lines and let you guys call in talk about anything you want to talk about. Mayor Tom Martin will be on the show for an hour on Friday answer your questions about what is happening in Lubbock. We will discuss night time meetings, tent city, and other issues facing the City of Lubbock.

What do you think about holding meetings in the evening? Would it be a good idea? Do you think you'd attend more Council meetings if they were at night?

2. Newt moving up!

Well look at what we have here. Newt Gingrich is finally catching on. Sorta. A new poll shows Gingrich sitting in third place behind Herman Cain and Mitt Romney. In the poll, Cain and Romney are tied at 29% and Gingrich sits in third getting 10%. I and many others have been saying it for a while, Newt Gingrich is the smartest guy running. Maybe some people are starting to pay attention.

3. Old iPhones still worth $$ (link)

Hey, don't throw away your old iPhone! It might be worth some money according to CNN.

As sales of expensive smartphones grow rapidly, trade-in sites have also risen in popularity. Their services give customers the opportunity to make some cash off their old devices, which shoppers can use toward their shiny new handsets. At one point last week, Gazelle had offered up to $284 for some iPhone 4 trade-ins.

All trade-in phones have the memory swiped, so don't worry about that. If you are going to upgrade, you might as well sell your old phone.

These and many more topics coming up on Friday’s edition of Lubbock’s First News with Chad Hasty. Tune in mornings 6-9am on News/Talk 790 KFYO, streaming online at, and now on your iPhone and Android device with the radioPup App.