Some Lubbock parks could get new pavilions this year.

The City of Lubbock’s Parks and Recreation Department is proposing to build three new pavilions at area parks, pending approval of the City Council.

The proposed pavilions would be located at Wagner Park at 26th Street and Elgin Avenue, Miller Park at Memphis Drive and Memphis Avenue, and Burns Park, located at 23rd Street and Avenue K.

The pavilions at Miller and Burns Park would be 28 feet long by 28 feet wide, and will include multiple gabled metal roofs, allowing for air flow, picnic tables, grills, and security lighting. Each pavilion of this type costs $41,290.

The pavilion at Wagner Park would be a 28 feet by 28 feet octagonal pavilion, with a brick patio area at the entrance. It would include a new drinking fountain and security lighting. This pavilion itself will cost $35,650.

The cost of the entire project will be $377,386, and includes engineering, shipping, installation, grills, tables, bollards, stonework, demolition of existing structures, new slabs, a drinking fountain, and more. Also, security lighting will be added to these three additions, as well as the 8 other existing pavilions.

The Lubbock City Council will consider these three pavilions at their March 29th meeting. If approved, the pavilions will be available for use this summer.

Pavilions have been built in Cooke, Duran, Lopez, Reagan, Ribble, Simmons, Sims, Strong, and Underwood Parks.