When a Hurricane strikes many people are worried about their loved ones, their homes and valuables. With Hurricane Sandy, some are even worried about voting and the election. While Governor Chris Christie is worried about all of those things, he also wants the people of New Jersey to rest easy when it comes to getting candy.

Don't worry kids, Halloween will happen but it might be rescheduled. According to FOX:

Gov. Chris Christie says that if conditions are not safe on Wednesday for Trick or Treating, he will sign an executive order rescheduling Halloween.

He made the announcement on his Twitter feed on Monday night.

The Garden State was feeling the brunt of Hurricane Sandy as it came ashore just south of Atlantic City.

More than 750,000 people were in the dark.  Many of them were in shoreline communities in Ocean and Monmouth counties.

The utilities say it may take until Wednesday before their crews can make a full assessment of the damage.

Mass transit was expected to remain suspended at least through Tuesday and most school districts had canceled classes for Tuesday by the early afternoon on Monday.

It might seem silly to think about Halloween after a Hurricane hits, but you and I both know that somewhere in Jersey more than one person was getting upset about the possibility of losing out Halloween night.