New evidence in a previously unsolved murder case leads to charges being filed.

Detectives recently resubmitted evidence from the scene of the murder of 78-year-old Mary Elizabeth Davis, in the hope that DNA technology advances would open new leads in the case.

Davis, known to many in her neighborhood as the “candy lady” for selling candy out of her home, was found lying next to a kitchen knife in a rear bedroom of her home on January 7th, 2004.

She had been killed by multiple stab wounds in her residence at 2622 Globe Avenue, after family and neighbors had not seen her for several days. No leads were apparent in the case at that time, and DNA processing did not generate any useful information.

DNA results received in January 2011 have indicated a match with 46-year-old Clarence Lee Hooker, a previously unknown suspect and registered sex offender. Hooker has been charged with the murder of Davis.

Hooker has been previously found guilty of sexual assault, theft of a firearm, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and failure to register as a sex offender. He is currently being held in the Hightower Unit in Dayton, Texas.