In an interview on Lubbock’s First News on KFYO Monday morning,  Congressman Randy Neugebauer talked about a brief conversation he had last week with Congressman Anthony Weiner.  The conversation took place soon after the Weinergate story first broke.

Neugebauer told KFYO he asked Weiner about the topic that everyone was asking about at the time, the Weiner-underwear-photo story.

“I said ‘Anthony, what’s up with that?’, and he said ‘Someone broke into my Twitter account and posted that picture, and we’re trying to get to the bottom of it.’ ”

“So I just took him at his word," Neugebauer said.  " Of course as the week went on, obviously the story got bigger and bigger.”

Neugebauer’s assessment of Weiner at that point?

“If, in fact, he (Weiner) did have something to do with that, it wasn’t the smartest thing he’s probably. ever done," Neugebauer said.

One week later, in the aftermath of Weiner's tearful news conference, Neugebauer's comment was right on target.