Nationally syndicated talkshow host, Neal Boortz, this morning announced the date of his retirement from his daily radio show. Boortz will retire on January 21, 2013, and he is heard weekdays from 9a-11a on News/Talk 790, KFYO.

In conjunction with his on-air announcement, Boortz released a full statement concerning why he is retiring from his daily radio show (click here to read).

Here is part of that statement:

I will be ending my daily talk radio show on Monday, January 21, 2013.  It’s finally the right time to put away the headphones.  Not immediately though.  My last day on the air will be inauguration day, January 21, 2013.  After that I’ll be around with daily commentaries, fill-in duties and some special projects.  Am I going to miss my listeners and callers?  Absolutely!  But the time has come.

KFYO's Robert Snyder reacted to Neal's announcement, "We're saddened to hear Neal's retirement announcement today. We've enjoyed airing Neal's show for the past four and-a-half years and his appearances on our KFYO Election Coverage over the years have been memorable."

Boortz's syndicator, Dial-Global, will slide in former GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain into his time slot. Here is audio of Boortz talking with Cain about the change:

Boortz also told his audience that he will take off that vast majority of the month of December, before coming back for his final three weeks in January 2013. He will also continue contributing to his website, and to his flagship radio station WSB.

Meanwhile, KFYO will announce plans for the weekday, 9a-11a time slot at a later date.