Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Cairo’s main square today expecting to witness history in the making. What happened was indeed historical, however it wasn’t quite what protesters had in mind. In a televised speech made today, President Hosini Mubarak announced that he would be transferring some of his power to Vice President Omar Suleiman but would not be relinquishing his position.

It was a consensus by the protesters and media that Mubarak would announce that he was stepping down from his position. Protesters were outraged after the president’s statement. Many shouted in rage, chanting phrases such as “Get out!” and “illegitimate!” They had previously spent the day celebrating in anticipation for his resignation. Many felt like Mubarak had tricked them, and were insulted by the announcement. "I really thought he would leave today. He played a trick on us. Everyone got excited," said a pharmacist, who was among the enraged in Cairo. "Now everyone is going to be back here tomorrow."

So what exactly did Mubarak say? Watch the video below to hear his speech.

Video courtesy of msnbc.com

I, along with many others, am in a sort of disgusted awe of Mubarak's pride. He is standing up against an entire enraged nation for what seems to be mostly an issue of stubborn pride. He, like the rest of the world, realizes that today's announcement will probably be the straw that breaks the camel's back with Egyptian protesters. I feel that any peaceful resolution to the fourteen day uproar in Egypt is now pretty much out of the question. It continues to fascinate me the lengths that those in power will go to in order to keep what they have, even if it means with certainty that their rule will meet a violent and infamous end.


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