A former Lubbock City Councilman has announced that he plans to run for the Lubbock County Commissioner's Court.

Frank Morrison, former District 4 Councilman and current president of Link Ministries announced in a press release this afternoon that he will run for the Lubbock County Commissioner, Precinct One seat currently held by Bill McCay.

In an interview with KFYO Monday afternoon, Morrison discussed why he chose to run for this particular position.

In discussing current County Commissioner Bill McCay, Morrison said “When Commissioner McCay says the County is out of money, that is just absolutely wrong. There are excess funds in the County budget that could be used to provide the funding for the employee health insurance that they cut out recently, that could go to help provide funding for the community health center, that could go to provide funding for transportation issues…there are funds available.”

“I don’t believe that the commissioners are doing a very good job, and I believe my opponent is failing the citizens of Lubbock County by not doing a better job of managing the County budget”, Morrison said.

Morrison’s complete interview with KFYO’s Cole Shooter is available here.

In his announcement press release, Morrison claims that he will “take the lead in helping Lubbock grow in a positive direction.”

Morrison's full press release is included below.

Over the last 5 years, it appears the county commissioners have made a conscious decision to inflate and exaggerate budget expenditures in order to claim that the county doesn't have any money. 

In the General Fund budget, commissioners have exaggerated budget expenditures by an average of 5.32% over the last 5 years. There are $6.1 million excess funds available in the General Fund balance. At the end of Fiscal Year 2011, Total Funds balance exceeded $47 million, or 38% of annual expenditures. This is over $18 million in excess funds.

From my review of the budget, Bill McCay has been dishonest with Lubbock taxpayers and county employees. Over the past several years, he has inflated county expenditures and has projected budgets of 40%, and more, above actual expenditures. It is much like a college student telling his parents he needs an additional $1,000 per month for school when in reality he only needs $600 per month. Lubbock County has enough excess funds to pay the health insurance for county employees for the next 7 to 8 years.

Texas Department of Transportation had plans to widen Slide Rd. 10 years ago when I served on the Lubbock City Council and County Commissioners are unwilling to join with the City Council to help Lubbock grow. These excess funds could pay the local portion of the necessary widening of Slide Road .

I will be a leader for Lubbock County . I will take the lead in helping Lubbock grow in a positive direction.

I will clean up the budget and lead the county in a way the citizens can be proud. As your county commissioner, I will utilize the excess funds to help Lubbock grow.

County Commissioners should be helping Lubbock grow. My opponent waits on the city and the state to give him direction. I will be a commissioner who takes the lead in growing our community.