Tuesday on Lubbock's First News, Kevin Bryan, president of Monterey Optimist Basketball, gave details on sign-ups this week.

This annual event has both boys and girls divisions for those in 1st through 6th grades. Sign-ups will take place at Cardinals Sports Center on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th of October from 6pm to 9pm the first two days and from 11am to 3 pm Saturday. The cost of registration is $115 to include the cost of a jersey and at least ten games.

Bryan noted that the program "is a good start for a lot of the kids to get a feel for what basketball feels like and to start getting their love of basketball started."

The non-profit organization is also accepting applications from volunteer coaches during these times. While one can sign-up online to volunteer, they would rather meet face-to-face.

To get more details check out their website, or listen to the full interview:

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