Brazilian Fighter Monique Bastos used her background in Brazilian jiu-jitsu when she was the victim of an attempted robbery outside of her home gym in Açailândia, Brazil.

The fighter was confronted by two men on a motorcycle who demanded her phone. After realizing the muggers were not armed, Bastos fought back. She grabbed the rear wheel of the motorcycle and knocked them over.

The perp with the stolen phone got away, but his partner in crime was not so lucky.

This is like when you are in high school geometry class and you ask the teacher, "When am I ever going to use this in real life?" Bastos probably thought she would never have to use a leg lock in a back alley, but I'm sure she is glad she knew what to do.

Just like you are happy when you know how to use the Pythagorean Theory to calculate how long the shadow a tree is casting is.

[via MMA Fighting]