One mom's clean crusade has gotten her kicked out of some well-known fast food chains.

Erin Carr-Jordan has been banned from 8 Phoenix-area McDonald's restaurants, presumably for investigating the play areas and reporting her findings to the local health authorities. Carr-Jordan, a child development specialist and mother of four, had been swabbing and taking video of the play areas, documenting the filth and unsanitary conditions found there. Earlier this week, she received a letter from the McDonald's franchisee owner, informing her that she was banned from all of his 8 McDonald's restaurants when she went public with her results.

Accroding to a statement released by McDonald's, Carr-Jordan was banned because she was being "disruptive to the employees and customers." Now, I can understand that getting you kicked out of one restaurant, but I really don't think she was being so disruptive that the owner could kick her out of all the restaurants. I think McDonald's is just trying to keep her quiet, and I for one applaud this woman for bringing some light to this nasty subject.