Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney gave a major policy speech Thursday morning in Hobbs, New Mexico.

The speech was the introduction of his energy policy which aims to make the United States energy independent by the year 2020.

Romney spoke about the regulatory attitude of the Obama Administration to energy. Romney said, "Sometimes I have the impression that whole regulatory attitude of this administration is to try to stop oil, gas, and coal. That they don't want those resources. "

Romney's plan also will let the states take responsibility of permitting of drilling for oil and natural gas on federal lands.

Romney also spoke about the Keystone Pipeline saying, "We need to work together with these guys. Work collaboratively and we need to have a fast track process to make sure that infrastructure projects are approved. Particularly we're going to get that Keystone Pipeline project built as one of those first infrastructure projects."

Romney also talked about the benefits of his energy plan saying it make the country energy independent by 2020 and that $500 billion to the U.S. economy and add 3 million jobs to the workforce with 1 million of those jobs in manufacturing.

This infographic below from the Romney Campaign outlines his energy plan.