3:12am, April 19, 2013

Boston's Police Commissioner has conformed that one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects is dead. Suspect 1 is the suspect wearing a black hat in the photo below.



2:39pm, April 19, 2013

Boston television station WCVB is now reporting that the two Boston Marathon suspects were being pursued by police. One of the suspects "Suspect #1" is dead, the second is still being pursued by authorities.  ABC News Radio is currently simulcasting WCVB coverage, which KFYO is airing.


1:42am, April 19, 2013 Update

The FBI has released a new photo of the Boston Marathon Bombing suspects


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — Police at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say a suspect in the fatal shooting of an officer is no longer on campus.

No arrests have been made in the MIT officer's shooting. The shooter is being sought.

But MIT said Friday on its website it's now "safe to resume normal activities."

Still, it's urging its 11,000 students to "remain vigilant." It had earlier warned them to stay indoors when the shooter was on campus.

The MIT officer was shot Thursday night on the prestigious university's campus just outside Boston. He was pronounced dead later at a hospital.

The shooting comes just days after twin bombings at the Boston Marathon finish line killed three people, wounded more than 180 others and led to an increase in security in the region.


1:16a, April 19, 2013 Update

The Boston Globe is reporting the police action is connected to the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.



Boston television stations WCVB and WBZ both initially reported two separate incidents: a shooting at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and reports of gunfire and explosions in Watertown, MA.

WCVB reported in connection with the Watertown incident:

"The scene was located on Laurel and Dexter Street in Watertown. Police urged everyone to stay inside of their homes. The area was considered extremely dangerous. The SWAT team, Cambridge, Boston and Watertown Police along with Homeland Security and the ATF all rushed to the area."

The Associated Press reported the following at 1:08am, April 19, 2013

WATERTOWN, Mass. (AP) — Police have converged on a neighborhood outside Boston where there were reports of explosives being detonated and police are telling reporters to turn off their cell phones.

Dozens of officers and National Guard members are in Watertown, where television outlets report that gunfire and explosions have been heard. A helicopter is circling overhead.

Authorities early Friday were calling for somebody to get on the ground and put their hands up and a loud thud was heard after someone shouted "fire in the hole."

Reporters are being told to move away from the scene. A police officer told a reporter: "If you want to live, turn off your cell phone."

Earlier Thursday night a campus police officer was shot and killed at MIT and authorities were searching for the person responsible.